Our inventory is ever expanding. We understand that many people are on a budget and we have set up this grouping of our jewelry for those of you looking to spend a specific amount, for you or your loved ones. We have something that will fit almost every budget out there.
Amethyst and Peridot OM Belly Chain
Product is out of stock
Chakra OM Bracelet
Chakra with Om/Dorje
Buddha Chakra Necklace
Tranquil Garden Necklace
Product is out of stock
Sterling Silver Buddha Necklace
Product is out of stock
Flowering OM Necklace
Vermeil Buddha
Spiral Chakra Necklace
Heart Shaped Vermeil OM
OM Charm Necklace
Large Sterling Om with African Turquoise
Product is out of stock
Vermeil Buddha Necklace
Chakra Coin Necklace
Chakra Rainbow Lariat
Dragonfly Necklace
Sterling Silver OM
Silver OM Necklace
Birthstone Necklace
Coral Lariat Necklace
Kwan Yin Necklace
Birthstone Bracelet
OM Coin Necklace
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