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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Power of the OM

The ancient syllable OM or AUM is associated with several eastern religions. Typically Hindu, Buddhism, and Jainism use this symbol and syllable around the use of their prayers and religious scripts, it is used both as a printed symbol and often chanted as a word/syllable before during or after prayer.

The OM is often referred to as the symbol of the absolute. In the Hindu religion people will begin their day by chanting this. It is included in many aspects of their everyday life from the covers of presentations, pendants on jewelry, to the birth of a new born child. It is generally regarded as the symbol of spiritual perfection.

In the ancient yoga text, "Sutras of Patanjali", OM translates as god's voice. It is generally suggested that when someone chants this sound it must be done in utter and deep concentration to gain a deeper understanding of life and help balance energy to become a more enlightened soul. The OM represents all that is spiritual, god, time, life itself and thus cannot truly be described in words, and that is why it is represented in a symbolic form.

We use the symbol frequently in our OM Jewelry in hopes that it can help fulfill an experience that will give our customers a small boost in their everyday quest of enlightenment. To get a full in depth breakdown of all the various religions and meanings of the OM please read this article.
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