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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Jewelry Designed with Yoga in Mind

Yoga is known for helping people both physically and mentally. Yoga is technically defined as disciplines of meditation which can lead to spiritual experience and a great understanding into the nature of our own existence. Often associated with eastern religions Yoga has spread far beyond these beliefs into many facets of common everyday life as well as many age groups, both genders, and various social classes. Yoga can now be done by anyone at anytime.

At Sacred Charms we integrate our love for Yoga with our passion for jewelry making. Creating handmade jewelry can often be a very meditative state of being especially in the initial creation of a design. Most of our Yoga based jewelry consists of more natural elements such as large stone pendants, wooden beads, seed beads, and often times use of the OM symbol in the form of a gold or silver pendant to help accent the piece and focus the wearers energy during a Yoga routine or spiritual meditation.

As we continue to create new and innovative spiritual jewelry designs we welcome any feedback that you may like to give, weather it is how we might design a piece to fit your personal goals in your spiritual journey or just something to wear out on a Friday night that shows you have a passion for Yoga or says to the world that you are a spiritual person on the never ending path to enlightenment.

UPDATE: We've recently covered several of the most popular types of yoga and listed weather or not it would be appropriate or acceptable to wear our Yoga Jewelry during such routines we will add more as time permits:

Leave a comment here in our blog or contact us directly about anything on your mind. Thanks.

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